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Miller (Preservation) Ltd

10 - Feb - 2015

We offer highly efficient timber and damp specialists in West Central Scotland...


Damp Specialists in Scotland

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Welcome to our Website

Are you looking for a firm skilled in Building Preservation whither it's wood worm in Argyll, dry rot in Glasgow or rising damp in Inverclyde or wet rot in Ayrshire. In conjunction with these services Miller Preservation offer a range of innovative structural repairs utilising Shire & Thor Helical Systems in West Central Scotland and beyond. If the answer is yes, welcome to Miller (Preservation) Ltd., one of the region's premier providers of Specialist Structural Repairs and Timber & Damp Specialist services.
For a highly efficient Timber & Damp Specialist survey from Inverclyde and Argyll through to Glasgow, Ayrshire and the surrounding area, look no further. Contact the friendly, professional team here at Miller (Preservation) Ltd.

Miller Preservation is Evolving.

Historically Miller Preservation's main market focus has been the domestic building preservation market, dealing with Timber & Damp Specialist Surveys and Reports and the associated Timber & Damp Specialist Works.

However Miller Preservation have always looked for new and dynamic building repair systems and have over the past 10 years developed a number of additional spheres of building repair expertise which have been quietly developing behind the scenes. In fact these new systems have been so successful that they now represent the majority of our contracts, this despite the fact that a still a great many people, from domestic property owners through to general building contractors and building professionals such as Structural Engineers and Architects, don't yet realise the full extent of the services which Miller Preservation offer.
So why change now, to be honest this is not so much of a change as an exercise in letting people know the full range of services and works which Miller Preservation offer. Too often in the past we heard the comment "Oh! I didn't know Millers did that!"

Our Services

Established in 1988 we boast many years' experience of the industry, and are therefore well equipped to cater for a huge range of individual customer requirements. We have developed a strong reputation in the local area and have a sound professional working relationship with a number of local valuation surveyors, structural engineers, solicitors and estate agents.

Whether you're a trade or domestic customer, if you're in need of a firm to take care of:

As timber specialists in Scotland we can cover West Central Scotland, Glasgow, Inverclyde, Argyll, Bute and North Ayrshire however, we have carried out contracts from Castle Douglas to Inverness and beyond! feel free to give us a call we would be pleased to discuss any potential Timber & Damp, Thor Helical, Shire Structural Repair works or any other related service.

Professional, Reliable and Experienced

As members of the Scottish Building Federation, CLE (Construction Licensing Executive) and AAWU (Association of Accredited Wykamol Users), we offer our clients the added peace of mind that we are regulated by the CGS (Construction Guarantee Services Ltd.) who can provide independent twenty year insurance cover at a reasonable one off premium on all our timber and damp works.

As the leading providers of woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, rising damp, works and Timber & Damp Specialist surveys in Invercyde, Argyll, with a strong presence from North Ayrshire to Glasgow, we really should be your first choice.

Get in Touch

When you need condensation control in Scotland, damp specialist surveys and repairs from rising damp, please don't hesitate to contact the friendly, knowledgeable team here at Miller (Preservation) Ltd on 01475 726 925 or 01475 728 118. Alternatively, email us via the form on our contact page or direct on We look forward to hearing from you!

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